How do I create a human readable catalog file from BRU Server?

Note: BRU Server 2.0 users can use the Command Console (File -> Command Console) from within the BRU Server GUI Console to run the commands below.

By default, BRU Server catalog files are not human readable, however, if you need a human readable flat-file for viewing, then you can certainly convert an existing catalog file into a flat-file.

What you can do to get the catalog in a flat-file format is to first login to the BRU Server Text Console.  To do this, you need to run the following command in a terminal window:


After that, just login as you would in the GUI.  Next, you need to know the catalog file ID, also known as the archive ID, of the catalog that you want to make a flat-file.  You can obtain this ID from the BRU Server Graphical Console under Data Manager -> Archives or Data Manager -> History.  In either case, once you have the archive ID, simply run from the "Bru Server >" prompt:

test archive_id

So, if you wanted the flat-file for archive "46f9a48e5b53", then you need to run:

test 46f9a48e5b53

That will create a file in the /tmp/ directory called "catfile" and this file is the catalog flat-file that you can view.  To get this file on your desktop, type "exit" at the "Bru Server >" prompt and then run:

$ sudo mv /tmp/catfile ~/Desktop/

When prompted, enter your system adminstrator password and you will now see a new file called "catfile" on your desktop.

You can open this file with TextEdit on OS X or Notepad on Windows.  Using Linux, you can view it with gedit or KWrite.