LTO-5 Tape Drive Head Wear

An important bit of LTO-5 media info has come to light over the past few weeks. In cooperation with HP, we've discovered that some brands of recently available LTO-5 media are too "rough" and can cause undue head wear; specifically when used for archival tasks where the tape is used once - meaning that each job gets a brand new tape instead of backup scenarios where tapes are regularly reused and overwritten. We've worked with HP, and through them, the major media vendors and a new formulation has been produced that reduces this issue to inconsequential. The new formulation is much smoother in the case of a new tape and head wear is greatly reduced providing the more expected life cycle of the drives when the drives are used in an archival environment.

It is important that you consider any non-HP or Fujifilm branded media as potentially harmful when used in an archival environment and you should consider replacing any other media with HP or Fujifilm branded media immediately.

With the formulation changes made and the effort that HP has put into a proper resolution, we have switched to HP-branded media as our stocked brand of LTO-4 and LTO-5 media. While we still support and recommend Fujifilm LTO-5 media, our partnership with HP through this has proven very important in insuring that our customers are getting the best solution available for backup and archival use.