Lion Update Warning for BRU PE 2.2.x Users

Hi Folks,

[NOTE - If you are already running BRU PE 2.3.x, this does not affect your installation]

If you are still using BRU PE 2.2.x and will be upgrading a Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard system to Lion, you must create a backup of your BRU working environment before performing the Lion upgrade or your existing BRU PE operating parameters and catalogs will be deleted by the OS X update.

We are now able to share with you that the process of upgrading from a 10.6 system to Lion will cause your BRU PE environment to be deleted during the upgrade process.  This was not identified earlier as the early BETA versions of Lion provided for developer testing did not delete the BRU working folder from the system when upgrading to 10.7 from 10.6.

Before your perform the upgrade from Snow Leopard to Lion, you must create a backup of your working environment.  The simplest and most sure way of doing this is to use the 'bru' command from a terminal as follows:

  1. Open a Terminal

  2. Execute the following command -
    sudo bru -cvf ~/Desktop/BRU_Work_Files.bru /private/var/lib/bru

  3. Perform the Lion upgrade

  4. Open a Terminal

  5. Execute the following command -
    sudo bru -xvf ~/Desktop/BRU_Work_Files.bru

This will properly backup and restore your BRU PE operating environment so that you may continue accessing your current BRU configuration and your catalogs.

If you are not upgrading and are installing Lion fresh, a standard installation of BRU PE will work as it should.

To permanently resolve this, we have modified the working path for BRU PE to use /Library/Application Support/BRU PE/ instead of the current /private/var/lib/bru path as the working path on your systems.  This was the primary issue that held up the release of BRU Producer's Edition version 2.3.0 until after Apple's public release of Lion.