I have two NIC/Ethernet cards in my system, how do I tell BRU Server which one to use?

Setting up BRU Server to use a specific NIC/Ethernet card when there multiple NIC's in a system.

This question first requires a bit of explanation of the current network design of BRU Server and a little peek at the things to come.

BRU Server version 1.2.0 resolves systems by the Domain Name System (DNS) name or Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) first.  If this resolution of the DNS/FQDN name fails, then BRU Server uses the IP address that was used when the BRU Server Agent was authenticated to the BRU Server system.  This is being changed to allow BRU Server to search for a system by Media Access Control (MAC) address of a NIC instead.  This will then release all dependency on IP and DNS services.

In BRU Server 1.2.0, you can specify the NIC of the Agent to use by doing the following:

  1. Login in to the BRU Server Console. 
  2. Click on the "Data Manager" tab at the top of the Window.
  3. Select "Clients" from the pull down menu.
  4. You should now see the following for the Client Management:
BRU Server Client Management

In the screen above, BRU Server will try to connect by the hostname first (gateway.tolisgroup.com), if this fails, then BRU Server will look for it by the IP address (

Gateway is a laptop, so it's normally connected via a wireless network, which we don't want to back up over.  The IP address of is the IP address of the ethernet card (wired), while is it's wireless IP address.

In order to force BRU Server to use the IP address that we want it to use (, simply change the Host Name to the IP address of the system.  So now, this screen will look like:

BRU Server Client Manager Changed

Now, BRU Server will look for the Host Name, in this case, then the IP address, again.  This will ensure that BRU Server only tries to connect to this Agent by IP address of and by no other means.

You may have already noticed that by doing this, you can actually tell BRU Server to look at two different IP addresses for a Agent system so that BRU Server can back it up.  If you wanted to have BRU Server look for the client on the wireless card after the wired connection failed, then use for the IP address.

This method only works for IP addresses, it will not work for environments that use DHCP.  If you use DHCP, then it's strongly recommended that you leave the Host Name field as the FQDN so that the DNS server can point BRU Server in the correct direction for the backup.  If you do use a DNS environment, please consider using the DHCP Updater patch for BRU Server to update the IP address as needed.