How to use the 'bruxpat' file with BRU Server 2.0

Excluding Files or File Types From Backup

The following information applies to BRU, BRU Server, and BRU LE.  For descriptions on how to use this file for each of these products, please refer to the BRU Server Admin Guide for the appropriate product.

Each client system may have a list of parameters that will cause the backup operation to exclude specific files, directories, or file types. This file is the "bruxpat" file. It is placed within the actual agent install directory on each system.

These directories are as follows:

Linux/Mac OS X/Unix:



C:\Program Files\TOLIS Group\BRU Server Agent Configuration\etc\

The bruxpat file must be edited with a command line style application such as BBEdit (Mac OS X), VI (Linux/Unix/Mac OS X), pico (Linux/Unix/Mac OS X), or Notepad (Windows).  Using utilities such as TextEdit or SimpleText (Mac OS X), gedit (Linux), or Wordpad (Windows) may remove the Unix line breaks and will cause the file to be unreadable by BRU Server.

There are sample files included within the directories that may be viewed for further details. This is a plain text file that contains a list of patterns to match for exclusion. While the patterns my be defined as either standard shell patterns (xs) or regular expressions (xr), most users will find the shell patterns easier to work with. A simple exclusion of all MP3, WMA, M4A, and M4P files would be:

xs */*.mp3
xs */*.MP3
xs */*.wma
xs */*.WMA
xs */*.m4a
xs */*.m4p

To accomplish the same thing as above with one line using shell pattern matching, you could use:

xs */*.[Mm][PpMm4][AaPp3]

This says in any directory, match any file that has an extension with a first character M or m, a second character P, p, M, m, or 4, and a last character of A, a, P, p or 3.