Setting Up Global Exclusions With The BRUXPAT File

Using special characters to exclude files and folders from BRU Server backups

One of the most difficult things with managing a backup system is the ever changing needs of what data is to be backed up and what data is to be ignored.  Many backup administrators have found it easier to let the user manage the "back this up, but don't back this up" process.  However, with BRU, it is not quite that simple. Or is it?

By using the "bruxpat" file on each client system, you can specify files that are to be excluded from a backup.  You can specify file extensions (jpg, mov, mp3, etc), or folders. In any case, this file must always be updated to reflect the changing needs of the users. However, if a single entry is placed in the bruxpat file that tells BRU to exclude files or folders that start with a special character, users can just add that character to the beginning of files and folders that they do not want backed up and that will be applied to BRU.

Many Mac OS X users are used to the bullet character (Option-8) to tell backup software to exclude a file or folder.  By adding an entry to the bruxpat file that matches your requirements, the bullet character will also tell BRU to exclude the file/folder for backup.  To do this simply add the following entries to the BRU bruxpat file:

xs ./•*
xs */•*

The process to make the bullet character on Mac OS X is to press Option-8.  On Windows, the bullet character is created by pressing ALT-0149.

Other Characters

Users may use any special character or series of letters to tell BRU to skip the files for backup. Characters that can be used are:

You can use any special that you wish to setup in your installation with BRU. Then, the only thing that you need to do is tell your users that if they do not want something backed up or wish to have something excluded for any reason, simply put the special character that you've chosen as the first character in the name of the file or folder and it will be excluded.