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My BRU Server system seems to have problems communicating, why?

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Posted: 02 Nov, 2007
The leading cause of communication problems on Mac OS X systems is the Domain Name System (DNS ) addressing.  By default, Mac OS X names a computer "User-Name.local" instead of a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN ). An example of a fully qualified domain name for a system would be a mail server.  Instead of being called "Mail Server.local" you would name it "mail.domain.com".

The format for proper FQDN for DNS is:


For example, if you owned the domain "backupsystem.com" and you had a mail server, the mail server would have the FQDN of "mail.backupsystem.com."  You can also substitute the .com extension with .net, .org, .biz, or any other qualified extension.

To resolve and rule out DNS communication problems, make sure that all systems that are backed up by BRU Server have FQDN.  If you have an existing server, DNS services can be turned on with little impact on a server to provide these services.  To find out how to enable and use DNS services on your Mac OS X system, please contact your Apple dealer.

You can also makes these changes to each system individually by changing the Computer Name in System Preferences -> Sharing.

To read more about DNS, visit:
To read more about FQDN, visit:
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