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About BRU Server's Architecture

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Posted: 24 Oct, 2007

BRU Server uses a true client/server architecture for all operations. It consists of three components as previously described in the installation section – the server, agents, and consoles. Any client system may be accessed by the server system through the agent daemon that is installed on that client system. Also because the agent daemon runs continuously and with the permissions of the client system’s admin user (“root” for Unix and OS X , and “Local System” under Windows), users do not need to be logged into the client system for backups to occur.

When accessing the server via the Console application, you are simply looking into and potentially modifying the state of the server environment. Therefore, the Console component may be installed and run from any compatible system that has network access to the server system. Such a system does not need to be part of your BRU Server backup environment and you are not limited in location nor number of systems as to where the Console component is installed.

Because BRU Server is true client/server, when you are running the console applications on a system, you are “viewing” the state of the server system. Since your console is simply a view into the server environment, the system running the console does not need to be the same OS type or have the server or agent daemons running. Additionally, from within a single console login, you may monitor and control multiple jobs simultaneously without interfering with the actual job processes. This asynchronous nature also means that multiple consoles may be monitoring the state of a job simultaneously.

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