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What do each of the colors mean in the BRU Server Console?

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Posted: 09 Oct, 2007
There are three color selections that are used in the BRU Server Console.  They are Green, Red, and Yellow.  Any other colors are set by your operating system and are not part of the BRU Server Console.

Each color has it's own meaning.  The meanings are as follows:
  • GREEN - When a file is highlighted in green, this means that the file as been selected for backup.  If a folder/volume is highlighted in green, then the folder and all of its contents have been selected for backup.
  • YELLOW - Only folder/volumes receive a color of yellow.  This is because the color yellow indicates that a portion of that folder/volume has been selected for backup, but not the complete volume.
  • RED - When a file/folder/volume has been highlighted in red (and struck through), this tells BRU Server that under no circumstances is that selected item to be backed up.  Use this option to explicitly exclude files from your backup.  This setting is handy for when you've selected a top level folder and you need to explicitly exclude one or more items from the folder's contents rather than selecting each of the wanted items in the folder.   It also means that any items added to the top level folder will be automatically included without further action or changes to the job definition.
  • NONE - If the file/folder/volume is not highlighted in any color, then it has not been chosen as part of the backup.  Therefore, this file will not be backed up by BRU Server.
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