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The BRU Server Agent on Windows reports an error when trying to access the service in the Services Manager. Why?

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Posted: 03 Oct, 2007

Windows Agent Service Error

The Windows BRU Server Agent Service reports an odd error when trying to access it via the Services manager.

When attempting to access the BRU Server Agent service from the Windows Services Manager, A dialog box pops up on some systems with the message:
"The specified device instance handle does not correspond to a present device"
After clicking OK, the service runs as it should. While this message is harmless, perform the following steps to resolve the issue and stop it from appearing:
  1. Start REGEDIT.EXE
    Click the Start Menu, select Run, enter "regedit"
  2. Locate and expand "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\BRU Server Agent "
  3. Delete the entire ENUM key
  4. Close REGEDIT

This will allow the PnP manager to reset the device enum entry to properly recognize that there is no physical device associated with the BRU Server Agent service and the error message will stop.

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