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SCSI Compatibility Issues Under Mac OS X

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Posted: 03 Oct, 2007

SCSI Compatibility Issues Under Mac OS X

TOLIS Group has done testing on a lot of different SCSI cards for Mac OS X systems. From our testing, we have found that ATTO and Acard are the only manufactures that make cards that work under all version of Mac OS X.

SCSI HBA 's from LSI Logic and QLogic are also reported to work in older PowerPC G3 and G4 systems.

At this time, none of Adaptec's HBA offerings work properly on current Mac systems and can even cause boot problems on late model G5-based systems.


The latest SCSI issues that have been surfaced stem from attempting to use an HVD (High Voltage Differential ) SCSI tape drive or library with a LVD (Low Voltage Differential) SCSI HBA. Unfortunately, we currently know of no available HVD HBAs for Mac OS X. The Adaptec 2944UW should not be used in any Mac system.

At this point, we can only recommend that you contact your library vendor to see if a HVD to LVD exchange is available, or search the web for an HVD to LVD signal convertor.

TOLIS Suggested Hardware

For a list of TOLIS Group Suggested Hardware, please see KB Article #94.

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