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I keep seeing messages on my Windows clients that say "excluded by -n flag" or "excluded by -X flag." What do they mean and how do I remove them?

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Posted: 17 Sep, 2007
There are several messages from BRU Server on Windows from an older version of the BRU Server Agent on Windows that state things, such as "excluded by -n flag," or "excluded by -X flag."

These messages are in the version of the BRU Server Agent on Windows and are caused from two different reasons.

The -X flag messages are because the files have been explicitly excluded due to the 'bruxpat ' file or because there were excluded through the BRU Server Console .

The -n flag messages are because the backup is an incremental backup job where the files did not meet the time stamp requirements.  Such as an incremental backup that runs on July 8th that backs up any files that have changed since July 7th.  Any file with a time stamp of July 6th or earlier would be excluded by the -n flag because it is older than the required date of July 7th.

For more information on these messages, please refer to the BRU Server Admin Guide, page 145.

To solve these messages, simply install the version of the BRU Server Agent for Windows.

You can find the download in the welcome email that you received upon registration of your BRU Server product.

For Windows Server users, visit the BRU Server Updates page for the BRU patch.

If you no longer have this email, please contact BRU Sales.
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