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How do I exit a backup in the command line without canceling the backup all together?

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Posted: 14 Aug, 2007
When using the 'bru -server.console' or 'bru-server.cmd' to monitor a backup, pressing [CTRL-C] will cancel the currently running backup job.  To prevent this from happening, you can do the following:

Mac OS X :
  • Close the terminal window.  This is the only option that is available on Mac OS X .  This is because the OS X Finder captures the [CTRL-Z] instead of passing it on to the TTY (terminal) session.

You have two options with Linux/Unix systems.  They are:
  • Close the terminal window.
  • Press [CTRL-Z] followed by [BG].  What this does is tells the system to pause the existing TTY command, then move it to background mode and resume running it.  This will allow you to actually remain logged in to the BRU Server Text Console while detaching from the backup job.
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