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BRU LE Has Reached End-of-Life

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Posted: 01 Nov, 2011

BRU LE Has Reached End-Of-Life

BRU LE was designed to support the data backup and restore needs of small, single system businesses.  Over time, the explosive growth in storage requirements, and the storage techniques used to support this growth, has  exceeded the design center of BRU LE.  Our BRU Server ™ Desktop Edition is the replacement tool, and there is a cost-effective upgrade to migrate from BRU LE to BRU Server Desktop Edition.

BRU Server Desktop Edition is an entry-level version of BRU Server, TOLIS Group’s premier client/server-based networked system backup and restore tool.  "Desktop" is specifically designed to support single system environments that contain any amount of data stored on any storage subsystem visible to the system.  The cataloging capability of Desktop Edition is enterprise grade and search capabilities are logarithmically faster and more efficient than BRU LE.

BRU LE archives are compatible with BRU Server Desktop, and building the error-free Desktop Version catalogs is as simply as using BRU Server’s "Import Tape" utility.  BRU LE and BRU Server Desktop co-exist beautifully on the same system during the creation of the new catalogs.

BRU Server Desktop's graphical interface delivers an intuitive workflow, and support of all tape devices and libraries is provided, which is an added bonus since BRU LE's library support is limited to a single tape drive or library with one drive and ten slots.

To learn more about BRU Server, please the BRU Server product page.

Product Transition Pricing and Guidelines

There is special pricing for current BRU LE customers to upgrade to BRU Server Desktop Edition. Please contact BRU Sales for more information.

When a BRU LE license is upgraded to BRU Server Desktop, current BRU LE support agreements will cover the Desktop Edition and the agreement expiration date will transfer over.  The cost of the BRU Server Desktop Edition annual support agreement is $99, the same cost as a BRU LE agreement.

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