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Information About Inconsistent Tapes

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Posted: 12 May, 2011

When BRU Server marks a tape as inconsistent, it's important to find the reason the inconsistent flag was not removed, not why it has been set.  Here's why:

When BRU Server starts a backup operation to tape, the tape currently in use is immediately marked as inconsistent.  This is because the tape is in use and is therefore not in a consistent state. Upon completed use of that tape (i.e. the backup operation completes or the tape is full and a new tape is needed), BRU Server removes the inconsistent flag.

Therefore, when a tape has been left as inconsistent under Data Manager -> Tapes, the reason is due to one of the following:

  • A backup that was running was aborted by an administrator by going to the Tools -> Job Monitor panel and killing the backup job.
  • A backup was running, however, a serious error has occurred that has forced the backup job to abort.

In both of the above cases, the BRU Server backup job that was running did not complete, but was aborted while the job was running.  This could be caused by human interaction (i.e. killing the backup job or the BRU Server server daemon) or from a system malfunction (i.e. loss of power, hard drive crash, or similar event).

The only way to remove the inconsistent flag is to manually remove the flag from the Data Manager -> Tapes panel. Once removed, BRU Server will continue to use the tape like normal.  However, TOLIS Group strongly advises that the tape be imported so any data that was written to the tape prior to the cause of the incomplete job be known to BRU Server so the data can be restored.  Importing the tape can be done on the Restore panel and is documented in chapter 3 of the BRU Server Admin Guide.

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