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Windows Agent - Include System Registry in Restore

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Posted: 16 Dec, 2010

The BRU Server Agent for Windows has a feature that allows for the Windows System Registry to be restored each time a restore operation is done, this includes full restores and single file restore operations.  Each restore will automatically restore the Windows System Registry as it existed at the time the archive was created.

This could mean trouble for system administrators that are just restoring a single file instead of the whole archive.  Not all restore operations require the Windows System Registry to be restored as well.

To make the on/off process for this option easier to turn on/off, a new utility called the "BRU Server Agent RR Change Utility" has been released.  The "RR" in the name stands for "Restore Registry".

After installation of the BRU Server Agent RR Change Utility, double-click on the icon that has been created on your Desktop.  If you chose to not have an icon placed on your Desktop, you can access the utility from the Start menu.

RR Desktop Icon
Double-Click the Desktop Icon to Run Utility

When the utility runs, you'll be prompted for Administrative access, after all, the Windows System Registry cannot be changed by standard users. Once Administrative access has been granted, a dialog will appear indicating that the Registry Restore has been turned on or off.

RR Dialog
Utility Confirmation Dialog - Click to Enlarge

Note: Each time the utility is run the option with be turned off and on. If the Include Registry in Restore is currently enabled when the utility is run, the RR option with be disabled (turned off). If the option is currently disabled (off), then it will be enabled (turned on).


This utility can be downloaded from the "Additional Downloads" section of the BRU Server Downloads page.

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