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bruAPP/OS 2.1.2 Now Available!

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Posted: 29 Oct, 2010

This update, for bruAPP/OS 2.0 and prior users of the bruAPP Backup Appliance, provides the latest available bruAPP/OS 2.0 that includes the latest BRU Sever version at the time of release.

The bruAPP/OS 2.1.2 Upgrade Guide is provided to aide in the bruAPP/OS upgrade process and is available on the bruAPP Documentation page.  Please make sure that you read it thoroughly before making any attempts to perform the bruAPP/OS upgrade.  If you have any questions or concerns, please contact TOLIS Group Technical Support before beginning the upgrade process.

ATTENTION: The USB download is not the bruAPP/OS, but rather a set of files to be placed on the bruAPP/OS USB Update Fob that was provided with your bruAPP Backup Appliance that enables you to perform the upgrade.  This file cannot be downloaded to the bruAPP directly.  If you do not have the bruAPP/OS USB Update Fob, please contact BRU Sales for information on obtaining a replacement.

For bruAPP customers that have a CD-ROM drive installed, you may download the ISO and perform the boot operation from the ISO. No USB drive is needed.

Changed for bruAPP/OS 2.1.2

The majority of the changes from 2.1.1 to 2.1.2 provide further enhancements to the existing bruAPP/OS interface many of which are feature requests from bruAPP customers, and fix all reported bugs up to the time of the 2.1.2 release.
  • New — Rebuild RAID – The bruAPP/OS now supports the ability for the customer to choose to completely rebuild the bruAPP RAID array from scratch, thus erasing all data on the RAID for a completely fresh rebuild.  The RAID will be rebuilt to the same specifications as it was ordered.
  • New — View License/Version Information – The bruAPP serial number, BRU Server version & build date, and bruAPP license details can now be viewed on the bruAPP. Customer Requested.
  • New — Manual NTP Sync – Added the ability to manually request an NTP synchronization from the bruAPP, thus removing the requirement to reboot to obtain the same effect. Customer Requested.
  • New — Support Contact Information – Added the ability to view the TOLIS Group Technical Support contact information directly on the bruAPP, thus removing the need to visit the TOLIS Group website.
  • New — View Stage Status – Added the ability to view the bruAPP Stage Status (space used & available) directly from the bruAPP. Customer Requested.
  • New — View NTP Log – Added the ability to view the bruAPP NTP log to troubleshoot NTP synchronization errors. Customer Requested.
  • New — View Current System Time – Added the ability to view the current bruAPP system time. Customer Requested.
  • New — Test Network Settings – Added the ability to test the currently set network settings for ping of an IP address (general network connectivity test) and of a hostname (for DNS resolution test). This assists in troubleshooting bruAPP network connection issues.
  • New — Change ‘admin’ Password – Added the ability for the user to change the bruAPP and BRU Server ‘admin’ user password. Customer Requested.
  • Enhanced — Web Alerts – Enhanced the web alerts that are displayed in the event a system requests a reboot, there’s a RAID alert, or other system notice.
  • Enhanced — RAID Alert Emails – Enhanced the method used to send bruAPP RAID alert emails to the bruAPP RAID Administrator.
  • Enhanced — User Screens – Enhanced the overall bruAPP/OS menu system to easier to navigate functions and operations.
  • Enhanced — NTP Update – Enhanced the bruAPP/OS NTP daemon for alerting when NTP synchronization requests fail.

Windows Users: A free "tar.gz" extraction utility called 7zip is available for Windows x86 and x64 systems.

Subscribers of the bruAPP-Announce mailing list have the direct download links in the announcement email.

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