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Setting up BRU Server 2.0 to backup an Xsan Volume

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Posted: 28 Jul, 2010

When backing up an Xsan Volume with BRU Server 2.0, make sure that the Agent that is installed on the machine that the Xsan is physically connected to has the "System backup will include an Xsan Volume" option enabled in the BRU Server Agent Config Tool.

To enable this, start the BRU Server Agent Config Tool, then select "Agent Configuration..." from the BRU "b" in the top-right System Tray.

Once You've entered the System Administrator password, the BRU Server Agent Configuration screen will appear. Simply check the box next to "System backup will include an Xsan Volume", then close the window using the red button in the top-left corner and you're done!

Mac OS X Agent Configuration Window for Xsan


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