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How do I test the memory of my bruAPP Backup Appliance?

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Posted: 03 Feb, 2010

Memory Testing Information for bruAPP/OS 2.0 Users

Beginning with bruAPP/OS 2.0, a built-in Memory Test application is available to all bruAPP Backup Appliance users for the purposes of testing the bruAPP Backup Appliance system memory.

To run the memory test, make sure that there are no backups running on the bruAPP Backup Appliance.  If there are backups running, allow them to complete before performing the steps below.

Perform a Memory Test on the bruAPP Backup Appliance

  1. From the bruAPP Backup Appliance main menu, select System Reboot.
  2. Upon reboot, the bruAPP/OS logo will appear with a 5-second countdown.  At this point, press the down arrow on the keyboard.
  3. You should now see the "MemoryTest" option highlighted.
  4. With the "MemoryTest" option highlighted, press the ENTER or RETURN key to select.
  5. The system memory test will now run.

Allow the memory test to pass through at least three (3) times before stopping the memory test.  This will ensure that the system memory is tested fully.  By allowing the system memory to heat up, it will ensure that the memory is functioning properly at full  system use and not only when the system is idle.

Customers Still in Warranty

If there are memory errors, customers that are still within the defined hardware warranty period may obtain an RMA on the system memory.  Purchasing memory from a source other than TOLIS Group while still in warranty will immediatly void your bruAPP Backup Appliance hardware warranty.

Customers Outside of Warranty

If your bruAPP is out of warranty, the memory will need to be replaced at your cost.  You can contact BRU Sales for information on obtaining the memory directly through TOLIS Group or you can purchase the memory through a local or online retailer.

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