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brufilter: [E145] Streaming Checksum Error at Block...

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Posted: 25 Jan, 2010


BRU Server v2.0.0 - 2.0.2 has an periodic "[E145] Streaming checksum error at block..." error message on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X , and Unix clients.

This error does not always happen on all systems.


This error is actually a false-positive error and can safely be ignored in versions 2.0.0 through 2.0.2.  The cause is  a network related error within the "brufilter" component of BRU Server .  Hence the reason that the 'brufilter:' is the start of the error line.

These messages show up at the very end of the backup process and long after the actual backup data has completed its transfer from the BRU Server Agent to the BRU Server Server .

The following patch will automatically be included in the next release of BRU Server, but the single file the resolves this false-positive error can be downloaded below and applied using the command line.
Apple Mac OS X PPC Server Systems
Download Patch
Apple Mac OS X Intel Server Systems

Download Patch
Linux/Unix x86 Server Systems
Download Patch
Linux/Unix x86_64 Server Systems
Download Patch

Patch Installation Instructions

  1. Download the patch that is appropriate for your BRU Server Server system to the Desktop.  Apple Safari Users need to turn off the "Open Safe Files After Download" option in the Safari application preferences.
  2. Make sure that there are no backup, restore, or upstage jobs running in BRU Server.  Applying this patch while a job is running will cause any currently running jobs to be terminated.
  3. Stop the BRU Server Server daemon.  You can do this using the first command in step 4 or you can use the BRU Server Config graphical application.
  4. Open a terminal window (Mac Users: The Terminal application in located in Applications -> Utilities). Once a terminal is open, run the following commands:
    sudo /usr/local/bru-server/server --kill
    sudo unzip -d "/usr/local/bru-server/" -o ~/Desktop/brufilter_*
  5. After the command has been run (provided there have been no errors reported), you may now start the BRU Server Server daemon and begin running BRU Server backup, restore, and upstage jobs with the newly patched application.  A system restart is not required.
For more information on BRU errors and the associated codes, please see the BRU Error Codes KB article.
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