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BRU Server 2.0 Upgrade Information

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Posted: 29 Dec, 2009

Before downloading and installing BRU Server 2.0, please verify these key points before upgrading:

  • If you are using version 1.2.0 and want to upgrade to version 2.0 running on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, please be advised this this is not possible for end-users. If you require and upgrade using this specific path and have no other options but to perform this type of upgrade, please contact TOLIS Group Technical Support PRIOR to performing any upgrade operations to learn about any available options. Moving ahead with this type of upgrade will render your 1.2.0 database files unusable by BRU Server 2.0.
  • You have verified your upgrade abilities with BRU Sales. If not, contact BRU Sales at +1-480-505-0488 or before going any further!
  • You have already obtained your BRU Server 2.0 license from BRU Sales.  The BRU Server 1.2.0 license will not work with BRU Server 2.0.
  • You are ready to upgrade your BRU Server Server and ALL BRU Server Agent systems. The 1.2.0 version of the Agent or Server cannot be used in conjunction with BRU Server 2.0.
  • You understand that you should perform a backup of your BRU Server environment prior to performing the upgrade operation in case you need to restore your old 1.2.0 environment for any reason.
  • If you are electing to both move your BRU Server to a system AND upgrade to 2.0 at the same time, you must have your BRU Server database files converted, as per KB 54 and you must manually copy the BRU Server catalog files from your 1.2.0 installation to your new 2.0 installation system. The catalogs do not need to be converted, but they must be copied over from one machine to the other, otherwise you will not be able to view archive contents when trying to restore single files.
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