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BRU Server Console v2.0.2 build 140 and BRU Server Server v2.0.2 build 180 now available!

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Posted: 30 Nov, 2009
Hi Folks,

We are very pleased to announce the availability of updates to the BRU Server environment.  These updates are important for OS X Snow Leopard users and add improved functionality for all BRU Server users.  In addition to the changes outlined below, we now also provide an OS X x86-only build of the Server and Console aimed at Snow Leopard users where a Universal Binary version is wasting space.  While other x86-based Mac users running Tiger or Leopard may use the x86-specific version on an Intel Mac, we still recommend the use of the Universal Binary build on these platforms.

Server Config Update 2.0.2 build 180:

NOTE: This is only an update to the Server Config GUI .  The server daemon and associated files have not changed.

- Fixes Config tool login authentication issues on OS X Snow Leopard
- Now uses launchd for startup at system boot for Tiger through Snow Leopard (StartupItems is still used on 10.3.9)
- Is now fully compatible with Full Keyboard Access on OS X and Linux
- Resolves possible issue with saving license information
- Resolves an issue that caused the server daemon to not restart after a hardware scan if the daemon was running when you elected to perform the scan.
- License entry has been extended to allow copy and paste of the non-separated license string.  To use this, select the entire license string that you received and paste it into the "Registered User" field on the License dialog.  The string will look like this on your license card or email:


Select your entire string, copy it and paste it into the "Registered User" field. (the license shown here is not a valid license.   Please use the license supplied when you registered your copy of BRU Server)

Console Update 2.0.2 build 140:

- Updated for all 3 supported platforms
- Improved authentication procedure under Snow Leopard
- Resolved a hang that occurred at application launch under Snow Leopard
- Resolves lack of notification at the point of a tape change when using a standalone tape drive.
- Now properly attaches to and monitors all job types.
- Improved job monitor performance on Windows and Linux systems
- Improved handling of datatables on systems with large numbers of archives, tapes, and history records.
- Resolved issue with errant back-end tools continuing to run on Windows even after the Console was exited.
- Resolved issue that prevented the specification or selection of a cleaning cartridge slot in a library.
- Resolved a major issue in the Job Definition class handling.  The bad class assignment could:
- Cause jobs to contain (or lose) selections that should not apply to the selected job.
- Allow you to create a job definition that contained no selections - this is actually a valid selection criteria that instructs the server to perform a full backup of all mounted volumes on all known client systems.  The Console now properly warns about this if you attempt to save an empty job definition.
- Allow you to modify an Upstage Job and turn it into a Backup Job.  This would also result in the creation of a job definition with no selections as discussed above.
- Allow you to modify a Backup Job and turn it into an UpStage Job.  This would result in an incorrect UpStage job that would fail with a syntax error when executed.
- Cause entries in the Inclusion and Exclusion lists to be dropped if you modified a job and changed the selected paths without properly saving (the job change was not being automatically saved).
- Create a job that no longer displayed in the available jobs list in the GUI.
- Cause a GUI crash when trying to view a job definition immediately after the definition had been modified.
- Cause a job assigned to a user to be reassigned to admin when modified by admin.
- Cause a bad job action resulting in a bad overwrite setting being sent to the server.

To download this update, please visit:

      BRUServer-Announce mailing list subscribers have this link in their email.

As always, Thank you for using BRU Server!

Posted: November 23, 2009
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