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Setting up BRU Server Components on Windows 7

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Posted: 25 Nov, 2009
With the BRU Server Agent on Windows 7, there are two adjustments that need to be made in order to allow users fully access to the features in the graphical user interface.  They are:
  1. Set the "agent.exe" and "BRU Server Agent Configuration" to run as Administrator.
  2. Set the "BRU Server Agent Configuration" to run under Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility mode.
  3. Set the "BRU Server Console " to run under Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibility mode.
Possible Requirement:

Some users have reported that setting the BRU Server Agent Configuration and BRU Server Console's compatibility mode to "Windows 7" will properly allow them to run.  Please try this setting if using "Windows XP" as the compatibility mode does not work for any reason.

Both of these are achieved by navigating to the TOLIS Group\BRU Server Agent (or BRU Server Console) folder located at C:\Program FIles\TOLIS Group\, then right-clicking on each application, selecting "Properties", then selecting the "Compatibility" tab at the top of the Properties window.

Once set, the BRU Server components will run as expected.

Note: Some installations may require additional modifications to be made to the Windows Firewall .  To learn how to add applications to go through the Windows 7 Firewall, see the Microsoft How-To.
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