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BRU Open File Manager 4.5.0 Now Available!

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Posted: 03 Nov, 2009
TOLIS Group is pleased to announce the availability of the BRU Open File Manger (OFM ) version 4.5.0!

The new version includes the following updates, additions and changes:
  • Fixed : Added Windows 7 support
  • Fixed : Added Windows 2008 and Windows 2008 R2 support
  • Fixed : Added Microsoft Hyper V support 
  • Addition : build script for OFM should also output copies of Raw drivers 
  • Addition : Multiple Language Support 
  • Addition : Automated crash reporting 
  • Addition : OFM GUI improvements 
  • Change : Enhanced the OFM uninstaller
  • Fixed : New command line parameters for OFM
  • Fixed : Corrected an error that could block QuickBooks from opening 
  • Fixed : General OFM blue screen crash 
  • Fixed : Corrected a Windows 2000 and McAfee Enterprise Virus Scan (VSE) 8.7. freezing issue 
  • Fixed : Fully qualified paths handling (handling for short paths) in batch files 
  • Fixed : Corrected a batch catching problem 
  • Fixed : Corrected a Windows 2000 hang 
  • Fixed : Certified OFM for Windows 7 Windows Logo OEM 
The BRU Server OFM is available now from the BRU Server Download Page.  If you are a subscriber to the BRUServer-Announce mailing list, the direct URL for the BRU Server Download page is in the announcement email.
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