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Is BRU Server 1.2.0 Supported on Snow Leopard?

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Posted: 04 Sep, 2009
As of the release of BRU Server 2.0 on July 22, 2009, BRU Server 1.2.0 is considered End of Life.  Therefore, BRU Server v1.2.0 is not Snow Leopard ready and will not be supported on Snow Leopard in any way.

If you are using version 1.2.0 and want to upgrade to version 2.0.2 running on Mac OS X Snow Leopard, please be advised this this is not possible for end-users. If you require and upgrade using this specific path and have no other options but to perform this type of upgrade, please contact TOLIS Group Technical Support PRIOR to performing any upgrade operations to learn about any available options. Moving ahead with this type of upgrade will render your 1.2.0 database files unusable by BRU Server 2.0.
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