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Using the BRU Server 2.0 32-bit Graphical Interface on 64-bit Linux

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Posted: 02 Sep, 2009
The BRU Server 2.0 graphical user interfaces (Agent Config, Server Config, and Console) are 32-bit applications.  When trying to run them on a 64-bit Linux distribution, it is important that you install the 32-bit compatibility libraries in order to enable any 32-bit application to run correctly.

By default, many Linux versions do not include the 32-bit libraries at the time of installation and therefore require that they be installed afterward.
TOLIS Group Engineering is working on making native 64-bit graphical applications for use on 64-bit Linux installations.  However, until the 64-bit graphical tools are available, users that need to run the graphical tools on 64-bit Linux distributions will need to install the 32-bit compatibility libraries for their Linux OS version.

To install the 32-bit libraries for your Linux distribution, use the known Linux versions below.  If you do not see your Linux version listed, please provide feedback with details and it will be added to this listing for future use.

Run the following command on Ubuntu Linux to install the 32-bit compatibility libraries:

sudo apt-get install ia32-libs

This will also get the ia32-libs-gtk that is needed as well.
Run the following command on Redhat/Fedora Linux to install the 32-bit compatibility libraries:

yum install <package_name>.i386

Change the "<package_name>" value above and insert the package that is currently missing from your system. The missing packages may vary system to system based on other 32-bit applications that may have already been installed.  Note that there are no spaces between the package name and the ".i386".

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