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Backing Windows Roaming Profiles

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Posted: 04 Aug, 2009


The BRU Windows agent is unable to backup Roaming Profile directories in Windows 2003 servers because when Windows 2003 Server initiates creating the roaming profile directories it assigns only the user access rights to that profile directory. No one else but that domain user.

Since the BRU Server Agent process runs as a different user, the BRU Server Agent is unable to obtain read access to the roaming profile directories, thus BRU Server Agent on Windows is unable to back them up.


Note: The following solution was submitted by a customer and has not been tested or verified by TOLIS Group in any way. Because this has proven successful with a few other customers, it is expected to work for all Windows 2003 Servers using Roaming Profiles.

Administrators must first take ownership of the users directory then must add the following two (2) system accounts and grant FULL CONTROL ACCESS to them.


Once these two (2) system accounts have been granted control of the directories and are propagated to it sub folders, BRU successfully backs up all files within the specified folder.

Customer Feedback

"I just performed a test where I granted the 2 system accounts access only 4 folders. The result was BRU successfully backed up the 4 I assigned but only listed the folders of the others but no content. Restore work flawlessly."

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