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TOLIS Group's BRU Producer's Edition Brings Order to Creative Session Archiving

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Posted: 11 May, 2009

Compliant With the NARAS Standards Document - Asset Protection is Now Simplified and Ultra Reliable

Scottsdale, AZ - May 4, 2009 - TOLIS Group, Inc., today announces the availability of its BRU Producers Edition™ (PE) solution that allows Engineers and Users in the music and film industries, regardless of their computer skills, to protect the assets of their artists fast, easily and reliably. PE's workflow is also complementary to the workflow of graphics production houses.

Lose an artistic nuance and it is gone forever. TOLIS Group worked closely with recording, TV, and movie industry luminaries to define Producer's Edition, a tool specifically designed to collect and organize assets and create session archives. The "QuickBackup" and Advanced Backup Mode choices allow users to define how the archives will be created on either disk or tape.

"The term 'disparate' is an understatement that describes the way artist's creative works are currently being archived and submitted for commercial production," said Tim Jones, president and CTO of TOLIS Group. "PE allows simplified capture of DAW and LNE-based suite of tools information such as: Sonic Studio, Logic, Final Cut Pro, Soundtrack Pro, and others in a standard's compliant manner."

"I hope that this application becomes well known throughout the entertainment industry and any other business field needing verified backup and archival of digital information. BRU is already approved by the NARAS organization for archival and delivery of audio files and I believe that it should become the standard for the industry," said Toby Scott, Engineer & Archive Catalog Administration, Thrill Hill Recording - Bruce Springsteen

BRU PE integrates easily with TOLIS Group's BRU Server network backup solution and includes TOLIS Tape Tools™, a set of utilities that allows that migration of archives contained on tape, regardless of the platform created on, into the Mac OS X environment. BRU Producer's Edition is escrowed at NARAS as a show of TOLIS Group's commitment to the recording industry. The list price of Producer's Edition is $499.

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