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bruAPP Backup Appliance Product Line Enhancements

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Posted: 01 May, 2009
May 1, 2009
Our new manufacturing process delivers significantly lower cost, higher capacities and incredible value. A 10TB net with RAID-5 disk stage with hot space, redundant power supplies, an ATTO SAS HBA configuration and 150 client system licenses for less than $9,800!

bruAPP from TOLIS Group is a single-purpose, self-contained and self-sufficient data backup server system that eliminates the "hard work" needed to implement a viable backup system.  Operationally insulated from network server, bruAPP provides a long-term stable backup environment that incurs zero overhead on network production servers and software challenges at that level have no impact on the operation of bruAPP.

For more information visit the bruAPP Backup Appliance product page, bruAPP pricing Information, or the bruAPP Customizable Items page.
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