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Important LTO-4 SAS and SAS HBA Information

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Posted: 20 Oct, 2008
SAS Logo Important LTO -4 SAS and SAS HBA Information

Issues using Quantum LTO-4 SAS tape drives under Mac OS X continue to be recognized and reported.  We strongly urge Mac OS X users moving to SAS tape to use drives manufactured by HP or IBM to realize proper operation.  Quantum's SCSI and Fibre-Channel LTO-4 drives do work properly under Mac OS X.

Regarding SAS adapters, we recommend SAS Host Bus Adapters (HBA's) manufactured by ATTO Technology and LSI Corporation.  Both companies provide a broad range of SAS adapters.  It is important to note that while HighPoint's RocketRAID SAS adapter works flawlessly with hard disk drives, the RocketRAID HBA does not support tape devices.

ATTO SAS Users: Please see ATTO's note about the Quantum LTO-4 SAS issue.

September 30, 2010

Contrary to prior postings, Quantum LTO devices are not supported on Mac OS X because Quantum does not provide technical support to customers using their LTO drives on Mac OS X.  You can find the up-to-date compatibility for tape devices and software for Quantum here:


All Quantum LTO devices are not supported by TOLIS Group on Mac OS X when used with BRU software until further notice.
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