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Autostart BRU Server on SuSE and openSuSE

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Posted: 02 Oct, 2008

How to get BRU Server to Startup on Boot with SUSE & openSUSE


BRU Server does not start automatically on boot even though I told it to start automatically when I installed BRU Server.


When you request BRU Server to start automatically upon install, it applies the entries to the /etc/rc.local file.  However, SUSE and openSUSE do not use the rc.local file for customer boot entries like other Linux distributions.


Enter the commands in the /etc/init.d/boot.local file instead of the rc.local file.

We have made a script that you may download that will take care of this process for you.  You can find the file here:

Disclaimer for Downloadable Scripts

The following script is provided under the following disclaimer:

TOLIS Group, Inc. ('TOLIS') provides examples of scripts and assumes no responsibility for their content or operation in any particular environment. Further, TOLIS assumes no liability for potential harm or damage, software or hardware, that may result from their use. The scripts are provided as examples only and may need to be modified for your use. VERIFY THE USEFULNESS of the script before you use it.

Downloading and/or using the following script indicates that you agree to these terms and the terms of the: Legal Restrictions and Terms and Conditions for Use of Web Site.

Download SuSE Autostart

TOLIS Group Technical Support cannot provide support for scripts.  Please verify the usefulness of the script before you use the script.

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