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I've setup an email address in my backup job, but I don't get the emails. Why not?

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Posted: 24 Apr, 2007
The BRU Server server daemon contains a built in MTA . As such, it doesn’t require that you have an email, or SMTP server running on the BRU Server server system. However, it does need information about how to transmit mail messages that are generated during normal operations. This means that the BRU Server server system must know how to find the destination mail server and also be able to identify itself using a standard fully qualified domain name (FQDN ) for the machine name (i.e.: bruserver1.tolisgroup.com rather than bruserver1.local).

If your network environment uses proper DNS services, the simplest solution is to ensure the BRU Server server system has a proper DNS entry. If you do not use DNS services internally, you may provide the necessary information via the hosts file (/private/etc/hosts on OS X and /etc/hosts on other Linux/Unix systems).

If you don’t have DNS available (and cannot enable it), you will need to edit the hosts file on both your BRU Server server and your mail server. On the BRU Server server system, you must add entries for both the destination mail server and the system itself:
# Host Database
# localhost is used to configure the loopback interface
# when the system is booting. Do not change this entry.
## localhost.localdomain    localhost broadcasthost
::1 localhost.localdomain    localhost
## This next line is the local system as the mail server will recognize it bruserver1.tolisgroup.com    bruserver1
## This next line is the entry for the mail server as the local system should know it mail.tolisgroup.com    mail
The “Do not change” message relates to the and ::1 entries. It does not mean that you can’t add entries for other systems into the file. In this example, we’ve added both the IP address for the mail server ( and the machine itself ( On an OS X system, we would also need to make a change to the /private/etc/sysconfig file.

On the mail server, you only need to include the BRU Server server system: localhost.localdomain    localhost gw.tolisgroup.com    gw bruserver1.tolilsgroup.com    bruserver1
With these changes in place, each server knows the other and your BRU Server mail should be properly delivered.
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