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I have multiple tape drives but only one gets used, can BRU Server use multiple drives?

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Posted: 24 Apr, 2007
Yes! For library users, there can be multiple destinations defined. In fact, as a minimum we recommend one destination for each physical tape drive in the library. By defining multiple destinations, you will be able to execute simultaneous job operations – backup, UpStage, or restore – allowing you to reduce wait times for defined jobs.

By Default, a library will have one destination defined when it is initially scanned – "BRAND-default" – where BRAND is the manufacturer of the library such as Exabyte , ADIC, Sony, or others. This destination will consist of no assigned slots and all slots will be placed into the "Free Pool".

If you only have one tape drive in your library, this default destination may be satisfactory. However, if you have multiple drives available within the library we recommend that you rename this default destination and add an additional destination for each additional tape drive. For example, in an Exabyte 221L with 2 drives, you could create two destinations: EXABYTE-1 and EXABYTE-2. Here we have chosen to keep the brand name as part of the destination name but this is not required. You could have called them ACCOUNTING and ENGINEERING, or 103-99-3ENG and 103-99-3ACC.

It is important to realize that these destinations do not imply that a particular drive within the library will be used and there is no way for you to assign a destination to a specific drive. In a multi-drive library, the BRU Server software will determine which drive should be used based upon the amount of time each drive has currently been in use. This feature is called Autobalancing™ and is designed to lessen the potential of overusing a single drive within your library and thereby increasing the life expectancy of all drives.
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