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Sample BRUTAB Settings

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Posted: 26 Jun, 2008
Sample BRUTAB Settings

How do I configure my brutab file, /etc/brutab, to work with my drive?
The chart below shows sample brutab entries for most common tape drive formats.

If your drive is not listed, pull the last entry from the chart below (called generic) and modify it as necessary. The generic file contains helpful comments that should assist you in making any changes that are needed.

Note: Downloading often requires you to press the "Shift" key while "Left Clicking" with your mouse.
README File Download View
Core BRUTAB (default SCSI entry, /dev/null, and stdout only) Download


Remote Host Sample Download View
4mm DAT Drives Download View
VXA (Ecrix) Format Drives Download View
Mammoth Drives Download View
8mm Drives Download View
ADR (OnStream) SCSI Drives Download View
ADR (OnStream) DI30/SC30 Drive Download View
IDE/Atapi Drives Download View
AIT Drives Download View
DLT Drives Download View
NS: see "Travan" N/A N/A
DAT / DDS : see "4mm" above N/A N/A
QIC Drives (1/4") Download View
TR-3 Drives on Linux using Ftape Download View
Ditto Drives on Linux using Ftape Download View
Parallel Drives on Linux using Ftape Download View
Travan Format Drives (TR-4/5, NS-8/20) Download View
Magneto-optical Drives Download View
Jaz Drives Download View
Zip Drive, 100 MB Download View
Generic (for use if your drive is not listed above) Download View

Disclaimer for Downloadable Scripts

ATTENTION: TOLIS Group, Inc. ('TOLIS') provides examples of scripts and assumes no responsibility for their content or operation in any particular environment. Further, TOLIS assumes no liability for potential harm or damage, software or hardware, that may result from their use. The scripts are provided as examples only and must be modified for your use. VERIFY THE USEFULNESS of the script before you use it.

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