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Setting up an Autoloader to work with BRU - Method 1

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Posted: 26 Jun, 2008
Setting Up BRU to Work With an Autoloader: Method 1

This is Method 1 from the "Using Autoloaders and BRU" Knowledge Base article, which should be read first if you have not already done so.

This method places each backup on a tape and unloads the tape when completed.  If two or more backup commands are specified, each will be placed on a separate tape.


These are the two fundamental steps required to properly configure the autoloader:

  1. Get the modified autoloader script and modify to suit the current configuration.
    • Download the script: am1.script.bru.
      (You may need to right-click and choose 'Save As...' or hold the left shift key the left-click the mouse to save)
    • Install the script by running:
      mv am1.script.bru /bin
      cd /bin
      bru -xv -ua -f am1.script.bru
    • Modify 'unmountcmd.sh' by searching for 'poss_chng'.  All locations that may need changing are tagged with the 'poss_chng' line.
    • You won't need to make any changes to the 'mountcmd.sh' file.
    • Test your file! Ensure that you have at least two tapes in your autoloader that you can test with.  One needs to be loaded in the drive and the other needs to be in the next slot.  Once you've done this, run the command:

      ./bin/unmountcmd.sh /dev/st0 1 c
      The current tape should be ejected, put back into its slot, and the next tape loaded.  If the tape does not eject, there is a problem with the modifications that were made to the script. Be sure to check all commands in your 'unmountcmd.sh' since the commands may not work on your OS.  Check your 'man' pages.  If the tape does eject but the next tape does not load or fails to load properly, then your script is fine.  The problem in this case is that your autoloader is NOT configured properly for sequential mode.  See your autoloader manual for instructions on the proper setting.

  2. Change the "/etc/brutab", once the above step is done, to reflect the new configuration.
    WARNING: Failure to do 'Step 1' above first could result in the BRU extraction of script files to fail as BRU will be looking for 'mountcmd.sh' and aborting.
    • Edit (vi, pico, or other text editor) /etc/brutab.
    • Add two Global Parameters near the beginning just below the existing ones.  These lines ALL begin with "pound-plus" (#+).

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