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How to exclude file patterns for Windows clients to exclude files for all backup operations.

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Posted: 25 Jun, 2008

To add an exclusion pattern to a job, the user must currently login to the server using the command line tool - bru -server.console.

Start by opening a Terminal window and running the following command:

$ bru-server.console

Login with the appropriate information that you would use when logging into the BRU Server Graphical Console.

Once logged in, the exclusions are added to existing jobs using the setc command.

Examine the job to include the "excluded" pattern

Bru Server > show backup "The Job Name"

In this example, we use a job named "Swin2"

Bru Server > show backup Swin2
Machines and directories      :  ['/swin2/C:/']
Base job name                 :
Owner of this job             :  admin
Destination of backup         :  HP-default
List of email recipients      :  ['donotreply@tolisgroup.com']
Eject tape after done         :  0
Verify backup                 :  1
Overwrite mode                :  append
Type of backup                :  Full
Base time of backup           :  Jan 01 17:00:00 1970
Frequency of backups          :  Never
Divisor of main frequency     :  1
Frequency dependent list 1    :  []
Frequency dependent list 2    :  []

The item we will change is the md_list field in the record.  This is referred to in the long format listing as "Machines and directories".  To add the exclusions, we must add the exclusion separator - an empty quote pair - and the the list of exclusions.  Each machine's exclusions must be added separately, so if you have more than one machine in a job, you must add the exclusion pattern for each machine even if it is the same pattern.

Bru Server > setc -m backup "Swin2" md_list ['/swin2/C:/', '', '/swin2/C:/*/*.tmp']

That will add an exclusion of all ".tmp" files on the C: drive of the machine known to the server as swin2.  Again, if the job contains multiple machines, the exclusions must be added for each machine, however, they can be added on one command line:

Bru Server > setc -m backup "Swin2" md_list ['/swin2/C:/', '/theserver/C:/', '', '/swin2/C:/*/*.tmp', '/theserver/*/*.dll']

In this case, we exclude any .tmp files from the C: drive of swin2 and all of the .dll files from any location on the machine know as 'theserver'.

This command ONLY changes the list of data to include and exclude from the job.  No other values are changed.  Once the job is changed and saved, you can schedule it as any normal job.

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