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I keep getting "Error: (0x05:0x3B0E) Medium source element empty" messages on my backups. What does this mean?

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Posted: 23 Jun, 2008

I keep getting "Error: (0x05:0x3B0E) Medium source element empty" messages on my backups.  What does this mean?

The error (0x05:0x3B0E) is a hardware error that can be broken down into two parts (BRU error codes are in a specific format, BRU errors can be found in KB Article #126).  The first part, 0x05 is a Illegal Request error being reported from the tape drive.  The second error, 0x3B0E, is a vendor specific error for the drive.  This means that what Exabyte may use for the code is not necessarily the same meaning that Quantum, ADIC, or HP may use.

The most common cause of this error is by using the "eject tape after job completes" option on the BRU Server backup panel.  This option is to only be used with stand-alone tape drives.  When using this option with a library, it will cause undesired operation and therefore should not be used.

Start by turning off the "eject tape after job completes" option and retry the backup.  If you continue to experience problems, please contact TOLIS Group Technical Support.

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