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I'm having trouble backing up my Xsan volume, is there anything that I can do?

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Posted: 24 Apr, 2007
Yes!  Because of a slight difference in the way the Xsan filesystem works, the HFS+ btime (backup time) parameter is no longer applicable. This means that a default installation of the Agent on a system that will be the client involved with backing up the Xsan storage pool(s) may not process the appropriate files in the case of an Incremental or Differential backup. To enable proper handling of Incremental or Differential backup operations on the Xsan volumes, add the following line to top of your /Applications/BRU Server Agent Config Tool.app/Contents/MacOS/brutab.agent file:


Note that there are no spaces in that line and the hash (#) is not a mistake. Also, you must use pico, vi, BBEdit, or some other editor that will preserve Unix line breaks. Using TextEdit or SimpleText will add OS X line breaks and cause errors when the BRU engine reads the contents of the file.
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