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What are the files that may be excluded on Mac OS X systems?

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Posted: 17 Jun, 2008
When backing up a Mac OS X system, there are several files and folders that may be excluded.  The purpose of these files range from system dynamic files, which are files that change upon every reboot, to files that are simply not needed.

In the BRUXPAT file (please see KB Article #108 for more information on the BRUXPAT file), add the following entries (or make sure that they are uncommented if you already have them):
# Exclude all core files
xs */core
xs core

# Exclude all files and subdirectories in the temporary directories.
# Handle files specified with relative and absolute pathnames

# # -- NOTE -- the actual directory names will still be backed up,
# only the files within the directories will be excluded.
xs */usr/tmp/*
xs /usr/tmp/*
xs */tmp/*
xs /tmp/*
xs */dev/fd/*
xs /dev/fd/*
xs /.Trash/*
xs */.Trash/*
xs /.Trashes/*
xs */.Trashes/*
xs */*.cache
xs */Caches/*
xs */Cache/*
xs /Network/*
xs */Network/*
xs /automount/*
xs */automount/*
xs /var/vm /*
xs */var/vm/*
xs /var/run/*
xs */var/run/*
xs /proc/*
xs */proc/*
xs */.ipspot_update
The following entries in the BRUXPAT file tell BRU LE and BRU Server to make no attempts in compressing these files since they are already compressed file types.  The following files will still be included in the backup, however, BRU will make no attempt to compress the files when backing up to disk.
# Don't compress these types of files since they're already compressed
zs *.Zz
zs *.gz
zs *.tgz
zs *.bin
zs *.hqx
zs *.bz2
zs *.mp3
zs *.m4a
zs *.gif
zs *.jpg
zs *.dmg
You may add other file types if you're installation uses additional types.  For more information, please see the BRU Server Admin Guide.
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