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bruAPP Do's and Don'ts

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Posted: 05 Feb, 2008

So, you received your bruAPP and now you're curious about it, so the question naturally comes up of 'what can I do with the bruAPP and what should I not do?'.

The bruAPP is a self-contained backup appliance that requires very minimal configuration, since most of it is already done for you.

The most important stuff is what you should not do with the bruAPP, simply to avoid any unwanted problems.  Performing any of the the following actions may void the bruAPP warranty and any repairs associated with these actions may result in additional charges for the repair process.


  • Do not insert the USB flash drive that was shipped with your bruAPP.  This is utilized for support and updating purposes only and should only be used when instructed by TOLIS Group staff.
  • Do not insert any USB devices into the bruAPP, aside from a keyboard.  Doing so may corrupt the RAID array and will require that the unit be returned to TOLIS Group, Inc. to repair the problem.
  • Do not change the stage path (including the bruAPP R000).  This is pre-configured for you and therefore making any changes to the stage path in the BRU Server Console will result in stage operations failing.
  • Do not insert the drives out of order.  Doing so will damage the disk array and the unit will need to be returned to TOLIS Group for repair.
  • Do not create new destinations unless you are using a tape device connected to your bruAPP.  The bruAPP cannot perform multi-staging options.
  • You may not boot-up off of an external device.
  • You may not modify the bruAPP OS.  Attempting to do so may damage the OS and may require the unit to be returned to TOLIS Group for repair.
  • You may not install additional software on the bruAPP.  The bruAPP OS will not support this.  The bruAPP already has all of the software that is needed to run the BRU Server Server software and the BRU Server Agent software.
  • You may not use the bruAPP as a file sharing server.  There is no setup in the unit for this to be possible and therefore cannot be done.
  • You may not install additional hardware.  Doing so will void your bruAPP warranty.

Now that the important stuff is out of the way, what can you do with your bruAPP?


  • You may setup backup jobs and schedules.
  • You may restore data from the bruAPP RAID array (disk stage - excluding the bruAPP R000) or tape device (if a tape device is connected).
  • You may define the IP address , hostname, and other network specific options for your network.
  • You may attach tape devices for backup and upstage operations.
  • You may change timeout values for tape devices.  What should you change them to?  See KB Article #22.
  • You may enter the administrator's email address.
  • You may define new destinations if you are using a tape device connected to the bruAPP.
  • You may create and delete users.

If you have any questions about anything not listed, please contact Technical Support prior to making changes if you are unsure about what they change will do and how it will affect your backup operations.

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