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My scheduled backups run an hour early, why?

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Posted: 23 Jan, 2008
It has been confirmed, that on some installations of BRU Server for Mac OS X , scheduled backups may run an hour early for customers with Daylight Savings Time between October to March.  From March to October (DST is off) the backups will resume the correctly scheduled time.

The problem does not occur on all Mac OS X systems running BRU Server .  Many customers that have two or more installations have reported that it's just one server that exhibits the problem.

TOLIS Engineering is working with Apple to find a cause and solution to this matter.

This does not affect BRU Server on Linux, Solaris, or IRIX.

If you have further information about this that you would like to provide to us, please contact Technical Support.

Update - July 22, 2009: This problem is resolved in BRU Server 2.0.  There is not a patch available for BRU Server 1.2.0 that will resolve this problem since BRU Server 1.2.0 is considered End-of-Life.  Users of BRU Server 1.2.0 that have current technical support agreement are eligible to receive BRU Server 2.0 free of charge.
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