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bruCLONE v1.2.1 Released!

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Posted: 14 Dec, 2007

bruCLONE v1.2.1 Released

bruCLONE version 1.2.1 is now available for download.  This version is completely compatible with OS X versions 10.3.9 through the current Leopard release 10.5.1.

bruCLONE 1.2.1 adds full ACL and EA support for both Leopard systems and Tiger systems where ACLs have been enabled on the disk volumes.

Additionally, bruCLONE 1.2.1 recognizes Time Machine and pauses Time Machine operations while the clone operation is occurring.

Fixes in v1.2.1 Include:

  • Fixed a display issue with the transfer indicator dots on Leopard systems.
  • Fixed an authentication issue that could cause clone operations to fail if you started bruCLONE from your user's Login Items with bruCLONE in CLONE Watch mode by default.

Installation Notes:

  • You will need to reenter your bruCLONE license information when you replace your existing bruCLONE version with this version.
  • If you retrieved version 1.2.0, the only change in this version is the added support for pausing the Time Machine operations.  However, we recommend all users update to bruCLONE 1.2.1.

You may retrieve the updated DMG from the bruCLONE update page.

Thanks for using bruCLONE!

First Announced: December 14, 2007

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