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RONVER Systems announces alliance with the TOLIS Group, home of BRU for Mac OS X

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Posted: 14 Dec, 2007

RONVER Systems RONVER Systems and TOLIS Group have signed the much anticipated contract for Belgium and the Netherlands for the complete line of BRU solutions.

BRU for Mac OS X is a native Macintosh backup software solution that protects critical information residing across an OS X -based client/server network. PowerPC and Intel systems, as well as Xsan are fully supported. BRU™ also supports many Unix based OS's like Linux, Solaris and even IBM Linux, IRIX and HP-UX.

"We welcome RONVER Systems as Distributor of our BRU backup solutions to supply the needs of Resellers supporting customers in Belgium and The Netherlands," said Tim Jones, president/CTO of TOLIS Group, Inc. "Our BRU technology, and RONVER's singular focus on storage, allows the delivery of solutions and expertise that remove the complexity organizations face today to protect their critical data."

Ronald Verhaeghe, RONVER CTO : "BRU is an excellent native solution for Mac OS X users and other Unix and Linux based OS's even IBM Linux, IRIX and HP-UX. Especially now that Xsan is taking off in our partners' solutions. Easy to install, good pricing and good affordable support. Our kind of solution...."

Posted: July 26, 2007

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