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Using the Monthly Schedule option in BRU Server - It's more than you think!

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Posted: 28 Nov, 2007

The "Monthly" schedule option in BRU Server is often overlooked as an option for scheduling.  At first glance it appears to be an option for running a backup job once a month.  However, it's much more than it appears and is actually the most powerful schedule option available in BRU Server v1.2.0.

When using the Monthly schedule option in BRU Server, you have the opportunity to select the days of the week, as well as the week numbers that you would like to use for backups.

You can access the schedule feature for a backup in either of two ways. The first is through the Backup panel. Just click on the job name that you would like to modify the schedule for, then click on the "Schedule..." button in the bottom right corner. The other is by going to Data Manager -> Schedules, selecting the schedule you would like to modify from the list and clicking on the "Modify" button in the bottom right corner of the panel.

The Monthly schedule option looks the window shown below:

Monthly Schedule

By scheduling a backup to run monthly, you have the ability to set the schedule to run Monday thru Friday, every week of the month at a specified time.  An example of this schedule would look like:

Monthly Schedule - Example 1

The above example is a schedule that is set to run on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at 5:30 PM on every week of the month.  By using this type of schedule, it allows for a single backup job to be scheduled to run only Monday thru Friday of every week, every month.

Another example of how the Monthly Schedule feature can be utilized is providing the ability to alternate weeks.  If the desired backup scenario is to alternate a single backup job on a weekly basis, you can set it up to do this by selecting the weeks of the month that you would like BRU Server to run this backup. An example of this type of backup would look like:

Monthly Schedule - Example 2

The above schedule would be a backup that runs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday on weeks 1, 3, and 5.  Keep in mind that this will only run backups on weeks 1, 3, and 5; weeks 2 and 4 will need to have a separate backup job (because two schedules for one job is impossible) and a separate schedule for week 2 and week 4 if those weeks are to be backed up as well.

The "2nd Last" and "Last" options are for backups that need to be run on only the 2nd to last week or last week of the month.  This allows backup schedules for full backups and other monthly-end backups to be scheduled.

When it comes to the weeks, BRU Server uses 7-day weeks.  Therefore, no matter what month it is, the first week of the month is considered days 1-7; week 2 days are 8-14; week 3 days are 15-21; week 4 days are 22-28; and week 5 days are the remaining days of the month, usually 29-31.

During the month of February, when there are only 28 days (excluding leap year), BRU Server will have four (4) complete weeks.  Because BRU Server uses 7-day weeks, there are exactly four (4) 7-day weeks.  On leap year, however, BRU Server will have a fifth (5) week consisting of just one (1) day, February 29th.

To better understand how BRU Server determines a week, here are colored examples for November and December 2007.


This is consistent among all months, regardless of year.  BRU Server treats days 1-7 as week 1, days 8-14 as week 2, days 15-21 as week 3, and days 22-28 as week 4. Week 5 consists of the remaining days of the month, days 29-31.

If you need further clarification, if you have any questions about this feature, or if you have suggestions on how to make this page easier to understand, please contact TOLIS Group Technical Support.

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