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folder BRU Server Console for Mac OS X v1.2.0 (1)
Information for the BRU Server Console on Mac OS X v1.2.0 (All versions)

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document Can I use more than one email address in BRU Server?
Yes!  When using multiple email addresses, they must be separated by 'comma-space'. For example, if you wanted to notify XYZ@domain.com and ABC@domain.com, you must enter the email addresses as follows: XYZ@domain.com, ABC@domain.com Note the comma then a space that separates...
2007-12-12 09:08:02 Views: 14057
document Using the Monthly Schedule option in BRU Server - It's more than you think!
The "Monthly" schedule option in BRU Server is often overlooked as an option for scheduling.  At first glance it appears to be an option for running a backup job once a month.  However, it's much more than it appears and is actually the most powerful schedule option available...
2007-11-28 10:47:03 Views: 16739
document My BRU Server system seems to have problems communicating, why?
The leading cause of communication problems on Mac OS X systems is the Domain Name System (DNS) addressing.  By default, Mac OS X names a computer "User-Name.local" instead of a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN). An example of a fully qualified domain name for a system would be a...
2007-11-02 13:24:29 Views: 16356
document How do I exit a backup in the command line without canceling the backup all together?
When using the 'bru-server.console' or 'bru-server.cmd' to monitor a backup, pressing [CTRL-C] will cancel the currently running backup job.  To prevent this from happening, you can do the following: Mac OS X: Close the terminal window.  This is the only option that is...
2007-08-14 16:41:57 Views: 14326

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