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folder TGL1800 8-Slot Autoloader (1)
Information and help topics related to the TOLIS Group TGL1800 8-Slot 1U Autoloader.
folder ATTO HBAs (3)
Information about ATTO Technology HBAs that were purchased from TOLIS Group.

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document LTO-5 Tape Drive Head Wear
An important bit of LTO-5 media info has come to light over the past few weeks. In cooperation with HP, we've discovered that some brands of recently available LTO-5 media are too "rough" and can cause undue head wear; specifically when used for archival tasks where the tape is used once...
rating 2011-08-19 22:15:22 Views: 16268
document Disable/Enable Hardware Compression When Using BRU
We get the question of tape drive hardware compression disabling a lot, but it's answered by understanding the way that tape drives work. All current tape drive vendors use some version or another of an adaptive compression algorithm.   What this means is that the data stream coming...
rating 2008-11-18 16:31:21 Views: 19113
document How can I test to see if my tape drive/library is operating properly under Mac OS X?
Troubleshooting Your Devices Under Mac OS X If your tape drive or library is not functioning properly, this can cause the BRU interface to report what appear to be odd errors. Since BRU uses OS X's built in SCSI layer for tape and
rating 2007-10-15 12:13:49 Views: 21594
document SCSI Compatibility Issues Under Mac OS X
SCSI Compatibility Issues Under Mac OS X TOLIS Group has done testing on a lot of different SCSI cards for Mac OS X systems. From our testing, we have found that ATTO and Acard are the only manufactures that make cards that work under all version of Mac OS X. SCSI HBA's from LSI...
rating 2007-10-03 08:51:00 Views: 18338

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