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document Apple SIP prevents access to special folders causing "Permission denied" errors
With the release of Apple's Mojave (10.14) version of macOS, they have taken the filesystem hardening to an extreme configuring certain folder locations as "off limits" for applications - even if those applications are running with root-level privileges.  The result of this is the...
rating 2019-03-05 08:29:08 Views: 950
document How do I write to a tape with the 'tapewrite' command?
Writing a tape with tapewrite In much the same manner that taperead will read a raw data stream from a tape, tapewrite will accept a raw data stream from another application’s standard output and write it onto tape. Since the default archive utilities are not tape aware under OS X,...
rating 2007-10-16 09:30:08 Views: 16991
document How do I use the 'tapecopy' command to copy a tape?
Duplicate Tapes with tapecopy The tapecopy utility allows you to duplicate tapes in 2 tape drives. The tape in the first listed drive is read and its contents are written in the same format to the tape in the second drive. The two drives do not need to be the same type, only
rating 2007-10-16 09:21:13 Views: 17696
document How do I use the 'taperead' command?
Reading a tape with taperead The taperead utility reads the raw data from a tape and provides it as standard output to be used by whatever utility that you wish to pipe it to. For example, to read a tar tape written on a Sun Solaris system and restore its data onto your
rating 2007-10-15 16:45:31 Views: 18083
document OS X Standard I/O Streams
OS X Standard IO Streams – a One Page Primer Under Mac OS X, reading or writing data on a tape requires either a ‘tape aware’ application such as TOLIS Group’s BRU, or a utility that can read the raw data off of the tape and provide it to the appropriate...
rating 2007-10-15 16:38:19 Views: 16344
document How do I control my tape library with the libctl (tm) command on Mac OS X?
Controlling a Tape Library - libctl A tape library allows you to automate the use of multiple tapes and even multiple tape drives without direct user intervention. Tape libraries are often referred to by the names Library, Autoloader, or Changer, but these all refer to the same basic idea...
rating 2007-10-15 16:34:25 Views: 21655
document How do I control tape devices with tapectl(tm)?
Controlling Tape Drives - tapectl Tape drives control their media in one of two manners - rewinding mode and non-rewinding mode. In rewinding mode, the media is opened, if the media is not at its beginning, it is rewound, the user operation is performed, and the media is rewound to its...
Not rated 2007-10-15 12:52:16 Views: 20827
document How can I test to see if my tape drive/library is operating properly under Mac OS X?
Troubleshooting Your Devices Under Mac OS X If your tape drive or library is not functioning properly, this can cause the BRU interface to report what appear to be odd errors. Since BRU uses OS X's built in SCSI layer for tape and
rating 2007-10-15 12:13:49 Views: 21465
document SCSI Compatibility Issues Under Mac OS X
SCSI Compatibility Issues Under Mac OS X TOLIS Group has done testing on a lot of different SCSI cards for Mac OS X systems. From our testing, we have found that ATTO and Acard are the only manufactures that make cards that work under all version of Mac OS X. SCSI HBA's from LSI...
rating 2007-10-03 08:51:00 Views: 18212

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