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folder BRU Server Server v1.2.0 (24)
Questions related to the BRU Server Server component.
folder BRU Server Agent v1.2.0 (4)
Information for BRU Server Agent v1.2.0
folder BRU Server Console v1.2.0 (4)
For the BRU Server Console on Mac OS X, Linux, and Solaris installations. This covers version 1.2.0 - 1.2.0m of the Mac OS X Console, version 1.1.5 for Linux and version 1.0.5 Solaris.

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document Is BRU Server 1.2.0 Supported on Snow Leopard?
As of the release of BRU Server 2.0 on July 22, 2009, BRU Server 1.2.0 is considered End of Life.  Therefore, BRU Server v1.2.0 is not Snow Leopard ready and will not be supported on Snow Leopard in any way. If you are using version 1.2.0...
2009-09-04 16:07:21 Views: 13307
document How do I utilize multi-staging in BRU Server v1.x?
Using Multiple Stage Destinations with BRU Server 1.x By default, BRU Server only supports a single Stage destination. You can utilize multiple Stage destinations in BRU Server 1.x through creative use of additional user accounts. Because...
2007-10-02 21:57:31 Views: 15777
document What are the firewall settings to allow BRU Server to communicate through a firewall?
When using BRU Server software on networks that require BRU Server to communicate through a firewall, please be aware of the following: BRU Server uses ports 14441-14450.  All of these ports must be opened to allow proper communication...
2007-08-23 13:52:59 Views: 16171

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