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folder BRU LE v2.x
This section covers all versions of BRU LE 2.x.
folder BRU LE v1.3.x
This section covers all BRU LE v1.3.x versions.
folder BRU LE v1.2.x and Older
This section covers all BRU LE v1.2.x and prior versions.

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document BRU LE Has Reached End-of-Life
BRU LE Has Reached End-Of-Life BRU LE was designed to support the data backup and restore needs of small, single system businesses.  Over time, the explosive growth in storage requirements, and the storage techniques used to support this growth, has  exceeded the design center of BRU...
2011-11-01 12:13:04 Views: 8162
document How do I control my tape library with the libctl (tm) command on Mac OS X?
Controlling a Tape Library - libctl A tape library allows you to automate the use of multiple tapes and even multiple tape drives without direct user intervention. Tape libraries are often referred to by the names Library, Autoloader, or Changer, but these all refer to the same basic idea...
2007-10-15 16:34:25 Views: 21788
document How do I control tape devices with tapectl(tm)?
Controlling Tape Drives - tapectl Tape drives control their media in one of two manners - rewinding mode and non-rewinding mode. In rewinding mode, the media is opened, if the media is not at its beginning, it is rewound, the user operation is performed, and the media is rewound to its...
2007-10-15 12:52:16 Views: 20960
document How can I test to see if my tape drive/library is operating properly under Mac OS X?
Troubleshooting Your Devices Under Mac OS X If your tape drive or library is not functioning properly, this can cause the BRU interface to report what appear to be odd errors. Since BRU uses OS X's built in SCSI layer for tape and
2007-10-15 12:13:49 Views: 21594
document SCSI Compatibility Issues Under Mac OS X
SCSI Compatibility Issues Under Mac OS X TOLIS Group has done testing on a lot of different SCSI cards for Mac OS X systems. From our testing, we have found that ATTO and Acard are the only manufactures that make cards that work under all version of Mac OS X. SCSI HBA's from LSI...
2007-10-03 08:51:00 Views: 18338
document Moving from Retrospect? Information that you need to know before using BRU
Troubleshooting BRU Products on OS X Retrospect® is not BRU-Friendly Option 1: If you are coming from Retrospect® 8, many users have reported success of disabling Retrospect® by renaming the application bundle for Retrospect and then rebooting the Mac OS X system. Option 2:...
2007-10-03 08:39:34 Views: 29744
document Is it possible to use BRU to copy data between systems?
Using BRU to Copy Data Between Systems Copying data from an old system to a new system can be quite a task. In previous years, when moving data between systems, we may have been considering 2 to 3 gigabytes. However, with modern
2007-10-02 14:52:46 Views: 17231
document I have a new Fibre-Channel drive/library, but BRU Server is having a hard time using it, why?
If you have an existing Fibre-Channel (FC) environment and you've recently introduced a new tape drive or library to the system you will have numerous problems with communication, backups, and restores with the tape drive. The reason for this is because zoning has not been setup on your FC Switch....
2007-05-11 11:35:55 Views: 19741

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