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document Troubleshooting the Startup of the Linux/Unix BRU Server Agent
Making sure the BRU Server Agent is running troubleshooting steps Perhaps the easiest way for you to check if the BRU Server Agent is running on your Linux/Unix/Mac OS X system is to run a simple command in a terminal window (you may also use the Process Manager on Mac OS X).  The command...
2008-07-09 16:14:32 Views: 15968
document What are the files that may be excluded on Mac OS X systems?
When backing up a Mac OS X system, there are several files and folders that may be excluded.  The purpose of these files range from system dynamic files, which are files that change upon every reboot, to files that are simply not needed. In the BRUXPAT file (please see for more information...
2008-06-17 12:38:11 Views: 13972
document How to automatically disable Time Machine during a BRU Server backup.
Disable the autobackup of Time Machine during a BRU Server backup. If you use Time Machine in conjunction with BRU Server on Mac OS X then it is a good idea to turn off Time Machine for the duration of the BRU Server backup.  This process can either be automated or performed manually. ...
2008-04-24 17:14:29 Views: 17663
document I keep seeing these "[W043] Error Setting Times" messages in my backups. What's causing this and what do they mean?
Information about [W043] error messages During a BRU backup, if you encounter messages that state "[W043] Error Setting Times" followed by another message, such as "Permission denied," then you can relax. These messages are warnings from BRU to you.  BRU is simply...
2007-08-23 16:23:36 Views: 13393
document I'm having trouble backing up my Xsan volume, is there anything that I can do?
Yes!  Because of a slight difference in the way the Xsan filesystem works, the HFS+ btime (backup time) parameter is no longer applicable. This means that a default installation of the Agent on a system that will be the client involved with backing up the Xsan storage pool(s) may not process...
2007-04-24 20:59:23 Views: 13840

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